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Stage performance

Butoh performance by Atsushi Takenouchi

29.05.2018 g.19:00

Choreography, dance:  
Atsushi Takenouchi
Music, singing:  
Hiroko Komiya


Atsushi Takenouchi came into contact with butoh dance in 1980, when he started working with the Hoppo-butoh-ha theatre group in Hokkaido. In 1986 he went solo and focused on creating his own unique dance style – jinen. This Japanese term can be translated as ‘autonomous existence’ and refers to the motion that is born out of the dancer’s dialogue with the place where he is dancing. Takenouchi’s solo performances, inspired primarily by the power of nature, are individual expressions of a moment created simultaneously by man, environment and eternal nature.

This is the artist’s eighth performance at the Manggha Museum. This time, too, he is accompanied by Hiroko Komiya and her experimental music referencing the sounds of nature. Komiya has assembled an original collection of instruments, such as shells, bells, stones or tin vessels. During the performances, she also employs water and traditional Japanese instruments, in addition to using her own voice as an ‘organic’ instrument. These extraordinary impromptus are an inseparable element of Atsushi Takenouchi’s dance narratives.


Tickets – 40 PLN (regular) and 30 PLN (discount)

Available at the Manggha Museum from Tuesday to Sunday between 10.00-17.30 and before the performance.