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Stage performance

Awaodori dance performance

17.06.2018 g.15:00


This is the second appearance of the Godyahei-cho group at the Manggha Museum with a performance of the Japanese awaodori dance.



Dancers: Hideaki Oka, Yoshiaki Yamashiro, and Mitsue Kanoh

Shamisen: Masae Ando


Ticket – 10 PLN

Available at the Manggha Museum before the performance


Godyahei-cho was formed in May 1946, soon after the end of the Second World War. The dance style known as Godyahei-cho is characterized by ohayashi accompaniment in a moderate tempo, combined with fascinating footwork called suri-ashi, resembling the classical Japanese theatre . This unique combination has made Godyahei extremely popular not just in Japan but also in all of Asia, Europe and other parts of the World.


Performance prepared in collaboration with the Shokokai Association of Japanese Employers