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Nanafuku Tamagawa. Rōkyoku concert

26.06.2018 g.19:00


Performance by Japanese Culture Ambassador and rōkyoku mistress, Ms Nanafuku Tamagawa.

Rōkyoku is a relatively young art form, dating back to the second half of the 19th century, based on melodeclamation to the accompaniment of the shamisen. Due to the melancholy character of its repertoire, this form is now often referred to as naniwabushi, or ‘sob stories’.

Nanafuku Tamagawa is one of the most recognized artists in this genre. She performs mostly in Tokyo but is equally glad to disseminate rōkyoku abroad. This is going to be her first visit to Poland.

Concert prepared in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan in Poland


Ticket – 20 PLN

Available at the Manggha Museum from Tuesday to Sunday (10.00-18.00) or before the performance.