Wadaiko Daigen-Gumi

Formed in 2000 by the wadaiko master Motoichi Yuzawa, the group Wadaiko Daigen-Gumi have given numerous performances in their native Japan and other countries, notably in Hong Kong, Lithuania, Germany, and Taiwan, and received a number of awards. Rather than focus on conventional performance, they try to go beyond the limits of a specific medium, which makes this group truly unique. Their concerts can be heard on the radio, seen on television and in theatres. A crucial mission of the band, formulated at the outset by master Motoichi Yuzawa, has been to propagate the Japanese wadaiko culture outside their country. In olden days, the drums could be heard only either in battle or during traditional Japanese festivals and kabuki performances. It was a relatively recent development that these instruments found their way into concert halls, alongside classical, jazz and rock music. The concert offers a perfect opportunity to experience the thundering sounds of wadaiko.

Don’t miss it!

Tickets priced 30zł can be purchased at the Manggha Museum daily except Mondays, between 10 am and 6 pm, and right before the concert.

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