Plakat wystawy Kyoko Kumai. Air


Kyoko Kumai. Air

29.06.2018 - 28.08.2018

Wioletta Laskowska-Smoczyńska


Kyoko Kumai is one of the most internationally-recognized Japanese artists. She makes large three-dimensional installation objects of thin steel fibre. Combined with the typically Japanese characteristics of insightful observation and sensitivity to nature, these objects take on the function of visual art signs of natural phenomena (earth, wind, and fire). In this artist’s works, ideas and feelings harmoniously coexist and engage with technique and form, which is the quintessence of Japanese spirituality.

Commenting on her own work, the artist says:

I make what I would wish to see myself. Or should I perhaps say that I make things that I have not seen before. For some reason I would like for them to be nostalgic. It is my desire that they should be the outcome of a train of thoughts resulting from the four-billion-year-long journey of various life forms. I hope that in this way I can invite viewers to join me in a spiritual journey.


This is the second exhibit of Kyoko Kumai at the Manggha, and the work entitled Air is the artist’s gift to our Museum.