From 21 April, the Virtual Museum of the Anthropocene (WMA) invites you to its latest exhibition Migracje/Migrations. The exposition shows various aspects of human and animal migration: from forced migration caused by conflicts (as in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria) or climate change (Sudan, Madagascar), to migration following animals (Mongolia); as well as economic migration (to America, Great Britain, Germany, Australia); up to a career change, study abroad or simply the desire to live in another country.

In addition to photographs, paintings, video and sound installations by various artists, the exhibition also includes video and audio recordings with stories told by people living in foreign countries.

The aim of the exhibition is to challenge certain stereotypes and to give a voice and a face to each migration. Human journeys are intertwined with animal migrations, some of which are forced by climate change or human domination.

The exhibition will be available online (on the Kunstmatrix platform) from 21 April 2022 until 20 July 2022. Concurrently, there will be online meetings with migration specialists, artists (some of whom are also migrants), anthropologists, writers, museums, and institutions related to and helping migrants.
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