Children's kimono from the collection of Kazuko Nakano

Made with the use of complicated techniques, the kimono take us into the world of symbols, fantastic creatures and myths that in most cases remain hidden from the Western eye in our time. They are genuine works of art, with a great variety of decorative motifs, and can be perceived as a kind of embroidered wish list with which the parents equip their children for their future lives.

Kon-kon! Masters of the Japanese Picture Book

Kon-kon! is the sound made by friendly foxes in Japanese legends. Do these magical foxes, known as kitsune, really exist? While this remains uncertain, what we do know is that children’s earliest encounters with art are through books.

Koji Kamoji

Silence and the Will to Live

Simplicity and synthesis are immanent to Kamoji’s art, which is realised using minimal means (stones, water, air, line). Its essence consists in the first place in understanding the meaning of art (painting) and in perceiving nature.


Kitanodai Gagaku Ensemble

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