Andrzej Wajda Archive

Website devoted to Andrzej Wajda’s life and work. Following ten thematic paths, website users can become acquainted with Wajda’s work in film and theatre, with his less obvious engagements.

The Collection

Utamaro, Hiroshige, Weiss

The first exhibition in the series 'The Collection' showcases masterpieces by the greatest ukiyoe artists – Utamaro, Hokusai, and Hiroshige – as well as examples of Japanism in Polish painting and printmaking.

The Collection

Photography, calligraphy, lacquer

The second exhibition in the series 'The Collection' showcases another three key groups of objects owned by the Manggha Museum: photography, calligraphy, and lacquerware.

The Collection

Kōichi Satō, Kenya Hara

The third exhibition in the series 'The Collection' showcases posters designed by two outstanding Japanese graphic artists, Kenya Hara and Kōichi Satō.

Washi no fushigi

The Mystery of Paper

An exhibition aiming to introduce the viewers to the magical world of paper art. Drawing on centuries of experience, with great respect for tradition, three artists continue to fathom the mysteries of paper.


Various shades of sufism

Sung in Kurdish and Persian, most of these compositions are about love and man. Music and song will be enhanced by dances performed by Apsara (Aleksandra) Afsanesara, a professional dancer and choreographer specializing in the dances of the Silk Road lands.
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