Andrzej Wajda Archive

Website devoted to Andrzej Wajda’s life and work. Following ten thematic paths, website users can become acquainted with Wajda’s work in film and theatre, with his less obvious engagements.

Unusual Stories from Poland and Japan

On the centenary of the diplomatic relations between Poland and Japan

What is decisive for the unique status of the Polish-Japanese relations is interaction between individuals. A hundred years of mutual relations means a great number of unusual – and this is by no means an exaggeration – cinematic and literary stories about individual people.

Koji Kamoji

Silence and the Will to Live

Simplicity and synthesis are immanent to Kamoji’s art, which is realised using minimal means (stones, water, air, line). Its essence consists in the first place in understanding the meaning of art (painting) and in perceiving nature.

The Collection

Photography, calligraphy, lacquer

The second exhibition in the series 'The Collection' showcases another three key groups of objects owned by the Manggha Museum: photography, calligraphy, and lacquerware.


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