Manggha Museum Library

The Manggha Museum Library was created in 1995, as a general access collection of exhibition catalogues and popular science books relevant to Japanese culture and art.

Over the years, the collection of books and magazines has been steadily augmented through purchases, gifts from private individuals, institutions and publishers. At present, it comprises 2,600 volumes and over 600 magazines, in the following sections: Japanese Literature; Bibliography; Biographies; Encyclopaedias, Lexicons and Dictionaries (reading room only); Sociology, Education, Japanese Music, Japanese Culture, Japanese Architecture, Architecture, Awards, Religions, Cinema and Theatre, Economics and Politics, Geography, History, Sports and Entertainment, European Literature, Children’s Literature, Philosophy, Sciences, Japanese Art, European Art, Magazines (reading room only).

Most of them can be borrowed (an ID is required to register with the library), and some in the reading room only. There are 16 seats available at the desks in the reading room. Some of the resources can also be scanned or photocopied.

* * *

Please check the CURRENT open hours of the library and take them into account in your scheduling. The loan period for borrowed books can be extended by email when the library is closed.

Please do not leave the books with any third party to be forwarded to the library! When borrowing books from the library, you take the full responsibility for them until returning them, which is not accomplished until the library assistant has received them and recorded their return. The date when the books are physically returned to the library is the valid return date.