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from the collection of the Kunstkabinett Strehler

Poland’s first exhibition of the work of Maria Sibylla Merian, one of history’s most renowned female artists, an extraordinary figure who defied her era’s ideas of women’s social roles, a prominent pioneering entomologist, traveller, entrepreneur, and publisher.


Botanical Art in the 21st Century

This exhibition is being held at a special time, when the world of plants and insects that the artists, both contemporary and historical, have immortalized in their works is facing extinction. Perhaps viewing these extraordinary and beautiful works at the Manggha Museum will incline us towards reflection and also offer us a different way to get through this trying time of pandemic.

Paradise 101

Large-scale photographs, moving images and art objects arranged in gallery space, highlight ambiguous distinctions between photography and film, as well as pose questions about the future of storytelling through images that are created digitally.


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