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Like a Dream! Emil Orlik in Japan

Emil Orlik, Czech artist of Jewish desce, active in every field of art, he was always driven by his great curiosity about the unfamiliar. Nevertheless, printmaking is at the centre of his oeuvre.

Araki / Tsujimura

On the Verge of Shadow

Nobuyoshi has set trends and pushed back boundaries in world photography. Tsujimura, perceived as a rebel and revolutionary in ceramic art circles, has forced his way centre stage on the contemporary art scene.

Andrzej Wajda. Japanese Notebook

From the Manggha Museum Collection

One of the most valuable parts of the collection is a unique assembly of works of paper – sketches and drawings – by Andrzej Wajda. Some of the most interesting among these are those made during his trips to Japan. During each of these trips he took notes, made sketches, trying to remember the most significant elements of that different, foreign culture of a strange land.

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