"Inner Strenght" exhibition is closed on July 31 from 4 p.m.

Ohara Koson

Japanese Woodblock Prints from the Collection of Adrian Ciceu

Ohara Koson, is an artist ‘with no biography’, considered one of the most mysterious Japanese print designers. He achieved spectacular artistic and commercial success in the 1920s and 1930s in the West, primarily in the United States.The exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Adrian Ciceu and pays homage to his great passion for the Japanese print and Ohara Koson.

Inner Strength

The Women of Poland and Japan

The works shown at the exhibition offer various insights on being a woman in the contemporary world. The artists reveal the world of traditions, beliefs, superstitions, and the hardships of everyday life and work; they reveal their characters and what


Botanical Art in the 21st Century

This exhibition is being held at a special time, when the world of plants and insects that the artists, both contemporary and historical, have immortalized in their works is facing extinction. Perhaps viewing these extraordinary and beautiful works at the Manggha Museum will incline us towards reflection and also offer us a different way to get through this trying time of pandemic.

Tomasz Machciński

Different Places, Different Faces

The artist creates characters and reconstructs them, at the same time processing and questioning the stereotypical categories that divide people, thus exposing the performative nature of all identities.


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