"Inner Strenght" exhibition is closed on July 31 from 4 p.m.

Manggha Museum Library

The Manggha Museum Library was created in 1995 at the Manggha Museum (formerly Centre) of Japanese Art and Technology as a general access collection of exhibition catalogues and popular science books relevant to Japanese culture and art. Over the years, the collection of books and magazines has been steadily augmented through purchases, gifts from private individuals, institutions and publishers. At present, it comprises over 2,600 volumes and over 600 magazines.


We would like to inform that library will be closed on the following days:
• 21–23 of July
• 9–22 of August
Books without penalty fee counted may be returned on these days at Manggha Museum Office (next to the small pond). We are terribly sorry for inconvenience.

Monday 13.00–18.00
Tuesday 8.00–15.00
Wednesday 9.00–16.00
Thursday 9.00–16.00
Friday 9.00–16.00

Maintenance break (daily, Tuesday through Friday): 13.00–13.30

▪ The library’s open hours are subject to change
▪ An identity document is required to register with the library
▪ Some of the resources are available on site only; most of these may be scanned or photocopied
▪ Book loan periods can be extended by email provided that they are not overdue
▪ Under extraordinary circumstances, returned books may be left at the Manggha Museum Office.
NOTE: this form of return does not cancel the fine charged for late returns

For all library-related matters contact directly the Manggha Museum Library at biblioteka@manggha.pl

Please refer to Manggha Museum Library Terms of Use in a file below.
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