From the Japanese collection of Feliks “Manggha” Jasieński

Fuji and Other Mountains

The second in a series of exhibitions of items from the Japanese collection of Feliks “Manggha” Jasieński, one of the greatest Polish collectors and patrons of the arts. Mount Fuji, and more generally mountains and waterfalls, are the show’s governing theme.

Tatsuno Art Project: Mountain

Wonder and Fear

Under the theme of 'Mountain', eight artists have been selected, four each from Poland and Japan, all of whom are active both at home and abroad. Through diverse and rich modes of expression such as painting, animation and installation, the artists will explore the fascination with mountains.

Beata Zuba. Permeating Mountains

The large-format works of Beata Zuba shown in the exhibition tend to focus our attention, our gaze on a fragment of high mountain ranges. Painted, or actually sculpted in paint, the rocky massifs seem to burst the canvas. Cobalt blue, grey, asphalt black, or glistening white, they appear to be compulsive notes the impressions, emotions, and fears experienced by the artist who has painted them.

The Tatras. Wróblewski, Karłowicz, Wyczółkowski

In 2023, the Manggha Museum is the venue where their depictions of the Tatras come together, both the black-and-white ones and the red ones, whose colour glows like the Red Peaks in the autumn sun.


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