Forms in Time

We cordially invite you for a curator's tour of the exhibition 'The Culture Collider: Post-Exotic Art' and for a lecture 'Forms in Time' by Kay Walkowiak.


16:00  Curator's tour

17:00  Lecture 'Forms in Time' by Kay Walkowiak

Kay Walkowiak´s work comprises a complex mixture of installation, sculpture, video art and photography and combines conceptual and post minimal strategies. In many of his works the artist explores the historically and socio-culturally defined handling of form and questions its functional positioning as a projection surface for timeless utopias. In his lecture he will talk about his artistic practice and working experience in Asia, as well as about his approach towards art as a form of intercultural dialogue.

To take part in the curator tour please buy an entrance ticket to the exhibition.

Still from Stages of Rest, directed by Kay Walkowiak (2013)
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