Fight With Art

5 - 30 April 2022

Opening: 04.04.2022, 19.00

Exhibition's opening hours changes on:
8.04 – open until 14.00
9–10.04 – CLOSED
12.04 – open until 2 p.m.
29.04 – open until 2 p.m.

Fight With Art is an exhibition of Ukrainian Contemporary Art created under exceptional circumstances. Several of the presented works were brought by humanitarian transport from Lviv, some were sent in electronic form by artists residing in Ukraine and printed in Kraków. The rest were made by artists who came to Krakow in the last eight years. Only some of them are directly related to the current war, but they all have a story affected by politics and conflict. Together, they form a record of a moment in time none of us in Europe ever thought we would find ourselves in again.

The War in Ukraine affects the entirety of Europe and European people, including artists, curators and other workers of the cultural sector. While providing shelter to refugees, sending food and supplies to the fighters, we must not forget that our first language of expression is culture and art. With this strong foundation we can fight today for truth and peace. Culture is the arbiter of civil society, it prevents us from sliding into the arms of brash propaganda and naked aggression.

This is perfectly understood by the artists from Ukraine, who have been involved in building a civil society since 2014, creating works that comment on the current political and social situation. Many of them arise in opposition to Russian disinformation. Perhaps that is why they eagerly use popular, concise art forms, such as murals, stencils, posters or comics.

This War that now engulfs Ukraine meant that many of these artists had to put away their pencils and paint brushes and reach for real weapons. One of them is street art artist, Dima Fatum, whose illustration, which is the leitmotif of the exhibition, was created a few days ago in the bombed Kharkiv. Others emigrated to Poland, where they started cooperation with the local artistic community and formed new friendships.

It is our duty to give a voice to artists from Ukraine and to create a platform for the presentation of their works. Both those created at the front and those created in exile, Ukrainian contemporary art and its creators need our support more than ever. We give selflessly, remembering that once Polish artists also received shelter and support from greater Europe. Today, we honor an old debt and we will pay and pay it forward, and persevere.

Fight With Art is a living, experimental exhibition that will change. As life has now unexpectedly changed because of the war in Ukraine.
Artur Wabik
curator of the exhibition

The exhibition was created thanks to the support of Allianz Kulturstiftung.
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