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Leave the Door Ajar

Europe – Far East Gallery
18.01.2020 - 08.03.2020

Opening: 17.01.2020, 18.00

Coordination: Yoko Nakata, Barbara Karwat

Masato Tanaka x Gabriela Morawetz

Leave the Door Ajar is a joint project created by two contemporary artists in cooperation with the prestigious art festival Biwako Biennale, which has been held in Japan’s Shiga Prefecture uninterruptedly since 2001.

It is an excellent example of the kind of activity that the Europe–Far East Gallery has been involved in for years – a collaboration of two artists coming from places quite distant from each other and representative of different generations, and yet capable of finding the same language through art to write a joint script.

Gabriela Morawetz’s oeuvre has been developing in a wide variety of media: in addition to painting, printmaking and sculpture, the artist has been involved in photography, installation and video art. Her works are rich in metaphors from a wide and varied cultural background and interpretations of symbols. While oneiric and mysterious at times, this art can also be very close to us.

Masato Tanaka’s works are mostly large-scale installations, overwhelming in appearance. It is interactive art, seeking to generate artist/viewer interaction, so that, for a brief while, we can feel a part of a different, distant world, a dimension created by the artist, an impression evoked by fascination in the unknown and the distant.
So, leave the door ajar and take a peek at what’s on the other side.
Barbara Karwat



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